Super-Treat’s patented Venturi Aeration

Aeraton by Venturi is unique to Super-Treat and is a patented device.

The treatment process relies principally on oxygenating the wastewater.

To do this the Super-Treat system uses the Venturi method, driven by a submersible water pump which draws in air which is mixed with effluent in a frothing action.

Super-Treat does NOT use an air blower (compressor) that chugs away 24 hours a day blowing air into your tank. That‘s a lot of work and no wonder the blowers break down and are costly to fix or replace.

Super-Treat‘s Venturi is:

  • more economical as no costly air blower (compressor) is required
  • quieter as no noisy air blower
  • 2 to 5 times more effective aeration compared to conventional air blower