Super-Treat’s Hassle Free Installation Guide

What‘s Involved?

Super-Treat staff and agents do the complete installation. The domestic sized tanks are generally cylindrical in shape and measure approx 2.0m diameter by 2.0m deep. Tanks can be concrete or poly.

They are located on the downhill slope from your building and buried so that only the lids are visible above the ground.

Your Plumber and electrician make their own connections to the tanks.

Disposal of treated effluent is a requirement specific to each site as determined by local council and may need specialised contractors such as for sub-surface irrigation. We supply effluent surface spray irrigation.

Hassle-Free Installation

We do what we promise.
All Super-Treat agents are fully trained in all aspects of installation and maintenance to ensure that they meet our high standards before being appointed. Most are qualified plumbers and drainers. All are well established local trades people in the areas they serve.

Super-Treat systems are not sold by commission agents.

The people who sell the system are fully responsible for its installation and service.

You deal directly with the person who looks after you.

Your super-treat agent is never far away. We guarantee you will never have to wait more than twenty-four hours for attention.