Super-Treat’s unique features make it the system of choice

Twin tank system – Two tanks are better than one, providing complete and thorough treatment process, greater efficiency and no cross contamination. Only one hole to dig.

Your choice of tanks in either long life concrete or in economical polymer depending which one best fits your site location. Super-Treat uses locally supplied tanks to keep the business in your community and to avoid costly long distance concrete haulage from factory to building site.

Super-Treat’s Venturi Aeration (domestic only) – more effective, economical & quieter.

The internal components of the system are made of polyethylene and PVC for versatility and precision. No concrete is used internally.

The operation is controlled by a time clock to cope with variable hydraulic loads.

Surge control ensuring that heavy loads are NO problem.

Automatic sludge return ensuring the treatment tank is sludge free.