Super-Treat’s After Sales Care & Maintenance

Who looks after the system?

We do.
Once the system is operational, we are obliged (by Council regulation) to keep it regularly serviced for the first year as part of our warranty. Super-Treat staff and agents are accredited by Councils to perform this maintenance work. The system is designed to work automatically but a three monthly check-up is required to ensure it is operating properly.

What is involved?

Every three months a service technician will enter your property and carry out a series of checks and adjustments to your system.

At the same time, chlorine tablets will be replenished.

A written report of the inspection is completed and left with the household and a copy is filed with Council.

There is an annual fee for this service. Your local agent can advise the amount of this fee.

Householders responsibilities.

The Super-Treat system runs day after day in some inhospitable conditions and does need some care on the part of the householder/user.

We suggest that only bio-degradable cleaners be used and if bacteria-killing liquids are used, they should not be washed down the drains.

If an above ground spray irrigation system is installed, take care to ensure that the distribution pipe is free of kinks and obstructions and you should clean out the sprinkler heads from time to time.

In case of malfunction, the warning light and buzzer will be activated. Should this occur, phone your local agent for emergency service.