The most successful system of it’s kind in Australia and New Zealand

Super-Treat is a wastewater treatment system which employs the principle of “aeration” for the reduction of septic tank effluent to an environmentally acceptable quality. Super-Treat “domestic” systems are package plants which typically treat households of up to 10 persons living in permanent residence.Super-Treat “commercial” systems are purpose designed for each particular application, of any size up to 10 persons.

Where can Super-Treat be used?

In unsewered locations, the Super-Treat is a “go anywhere” system which can be installed:

  • on a new house
  • to an existing house with a single septic tank
  • to an existing house on a pump out system
  • to a riverside shack
  • on any commercial establishment

 Super-Treat System Advantages

  1. Safely recycles all wastewater into odour-free clean water
  2. Reliable noiseless operation
  3. Uses Super-Treat‘s own patented “Venturi Aeration”. (domestic systems only) – more economical as no costly air blower (compressor) is required  – 2-5 times more effective aeration compared to conventional air blower (running 24/7) – quieter as no noisy air blower